Hawk Electronics supports free legal software.

Why pay for an anti-virus software for your PC or Notebook etc when you can get one for free that is supported and designed by Microsoft. The other dealers will not tell you about it as they can’t make any money from it. Our personal opinion is the following:- just imagine if the virus market was driven by the software companies that create virus’s so you buy their products. Just our opinion! So Microsoft have developed their own anti-virus for free to protect their software. In fact it now comes with windows 8. We have been supplying this software to our clients for years. Give us a call and we will help you. YES for free. 033 3443835. YES there is a catch, you will have to remove your existing anti-virus, and even better get us to completely clean your computer.

Why pay for the very expensive Microsoft Office software when you can get it for free.

Hawk Electronics supplies a free word processor, spread sheet, email client and web browser with every computer or notebook sold. Installed and setup, we will even do your data transfer. In theory you will not lose any data when you buy new equipment.

Our other services include

Server Solutions (linux) Hawk Server Solutions Get your own cloud solution

Hardware and Software Sales

Network, WiFi, Security Solutions

Website Design, Hosting, Domain Registration, SEO Hawk Hosting

Printer repairs sales and servicing. Please note we do not support inkjet printers, they are just a plain rip off.

ADSL & Telkom Connectivity.

Accounting solution – Cloud Accounting (no software purchase fee, Small monthly fee, if required we can even supply an accountant) Access your accounts from any device from any where in the world.